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        ·>Risun Group Indonesia Sulawesi Industrial Park ignites the second coke oven of t... 2023/7/28
        ·>Pemanasan Tungku Kokas Kedua Proyek Kokas 4.8 Juta Ton/Tahun PT Risun Wei Shan I... 2023/7/28
        ·>First Coke Oven of China Risun's 4.8-million-tonne Coking Chemical Project a... 2023/7/21
        ·>China Risun's Three-million-ton* Coking Chemical and Hydrogen Production Com... 2023/6/29
        ·>China Risun's Dingzhou Production Base Refined Chemical Facility Puts Out an... 2023/6/13
        ·>China Risun Holds "June 5th World Environment Day" Themed Promotion and "Environ... 2023/6/9
        ·>China Risun Wins “Tianma Award for Investor Relations of Hong Kong Listed Compan... 2023/5/30
        ·>New Phase II Construction Project with Annual Capacity of 360,000 Tonnes and Pha... 2023/5/23
        ·>China Risun Acquires New Project Further Expands Presence in Operation Manageme... 2023/5/18
        ·>China Risun Publishes 2022 ESG Report:Marked Results in Energy Conservation and ... 2023/5/11
        ·>Coke Oven no. 6 at China Risun's Three-million-tonne Coking Comprehensive Ut... 2023/5/4
        ·>Annual Letter to Shareholders — How to Achieve Reliable and Stable Growth Safely 2023/4/17
        ·>China Risun’s 2022 Revenue Ups 9.6% to RMB43.1 Billion Profit Attributable to Ow... 2023/3/31
        ·>Risun Hydrogen Energyamong First Batch of Companies to Obtain Clean Hydrogen Cer... 2023/3/27
        ·>100kg-test Coke over in Risun Sulawesi Production Base Completed and Starts Ope... 2023/3/9
        ·>Oven no.5 of China Risun 's Hohhot Production Base Phase II 2023/3/1
        ·>China Risun’s No. 1 CDQ coke oven for CDQ waste energy power generation project ... 2022/11/23
        ·>China Risun Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement With ITG 2022/11/11
        ·>China Risun Secures New Operation Management Services Projects 2022/10/28
        ·>No.3 and No. 4 coke ovens at China Risun’s Huhhot Production Base Phase II begin... 2022/10/25
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